Protest in support of refugees gains national media attention

While protests against President Donald Trump's administration have drawn thousands of people to major cities across the country, not to be overlooked are rallies in smaller cities, many taking place in states that supported Trump in the election. 

Hundreds in Kalamazoo, Michigan, chanted "Say it loud and say it clear, refugees are welcome here!" during a protest supporting refugee and immigrant rights on Sunday. 

Michigan voted for Trump by a little more than 10,000 votes. Kalamazoo County was one of eight counties that favored Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton. 

"I was disappointed when Michigan voted for Trump," said Kari Parthasarathy, who marched in the Kalamazoo protest with her 3-year old daughter. "But sometimes it's not the majority vote on how people get elected, and my guess is that some of these people that voted red don't agree with what's happening now."